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roller skater Marylou in amsterdam

Born and raised in Paris, Marylou grew up riding the Parisian streets developing a true passion for rollerblading.

At the age of 15 a French choreographer working in New York (Cecile Klause) approached her to make a roller dance show.  This was the start of Marylou’s professional rollerskating career, joining the Miss’iles team from Paris with whom she participated in many shows across Europe, in TV studios, videoclips from different artists and roller skating competitions.


After many years of practice,  Marylou became an official Roller Dance teacher at the age of 20.  Her students have participated in various representations, promoting this discipline. 

Marylou traveled through many different countries where she has met other Roller Dancers and got the chance to learn about many different styles from across the world.


Nowadays Marylou lives in Amsterdam and she is very happy and excited to pass along her knowledge and experience to roller dancers of all levels!

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